In my wood cuts, I use fish, birds, animals and insects. Their relationship to their environment and to us is my main subject matter. I also work on the landscape constructing whales and fish images hundreds of feet long, some permanent and some drawn in sand and snow.

Blue Fin

Exhibiting April 2013


Stainless Steel Whale, Helmsdale harbour, Timespan residency 2006.


An installation of 6 woodcut prints taken from elm planks onto silk fibre paper (10’ X 3’) in the Customs House Arts Centre, South Shields.

Loch Fyne

I am interested in Loch Fyne oysters fish farming activities and have artworks in the Loch Fyne oyster restaurants around the country.


The Colonsay whale is 525’ long made using stones from the raised beach at Balnahard on the Isle of Colonsay, West Scotland.

North Yorks

The Humpback Whale, 6’ X 24’ and 6’ X 33’ woodcut print and zig zag paper construction, hanging in the Cummins Factory, Darlington.

East Anglia

Eels, trout and salmon are all migratory fish. They have interested me all my life. I grew up and lived in East Anglia. I have also been fascinated by bees, at one time working with hundreds of colonies.


Eel and Sewen, woodcut prints bought for the Lapworth Museum in Birmingham University. This museum contains a large collection of fish fossils.


Fourteen 10’ X 3’ woodcut prints taken from elm planks onto silk fibre paper were hung in the atrium of the Courtyard Art’s Centre in Hereford.


White Whale.

This work is 400’ long made from limestone in the Vale of Glamorgan near to Cardiff Airport and part of Coed Hills Rural Artspace in St. Hillary. Funded by Cywaith Cymru and Jonathan Clark & Co, London.

South East

Sperm Whale, woodcut print, 13’ X 45’. Printed from elm planks onto silk fibre paper. Hanging in the Whale Hall of the Natural History Museum, London.

South West

Julian Meredith is a Royal West of England Academician.